Sunday 28 February 2016

Health & Wellbeing Fair All about Therapies for  Dogs & Their Humans

24th April 12noon – 4pm
Crantock Village Hall TR8 5RT

A chance to meet Qualified Holistic Practitioners who can help keep your dog & you in tip top condition – all under one roof!
Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Baby Massage/Yoga, Bowen, Canine Massage, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Indian Head Massage, McTimoney, Myotherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, TTouch,  VHT Human Bodywork, Animal Communication and Nutrition. Plus lots of Doggy things to buy!!
Entrance Fee - £2 (humans only please!)

Organised by Canine Health Concern Local Group
 For more info - Email

Saturday 11 July 2015

Bodmin Riding and Heritage Day Saturday July 4th 2015

Hi everyone

Bodmin Riding and Heritage Day Saturday July 4th 2015.

Last Saturday the sun shone brightly on the celebrations taking place to mark Bodmin’s Riding and Heritage day. There was lots happening on Mount Folly and I was there with two members of staff from the Duchy Chiropractic Clinic enjoying the fun and talking to people about the treatments available at the clinic.
It was good to share how chiropractic treatments and homeopathy could help people improve their health and well being. There was lots of interest from people enjoying their day out and we welcome any one to the clinic who is interested in discovering the benefits of our therapies. 
It was lovely to meet many new people and learning some of Bodmin’s history was a bonus. I had to leave before the beast was sighted but I do hope it all turned out well!

Bye for now
Brenda x

Friday 10 October 2014

Listen to the messages are bodies are sending us...

Hi everyone

This week I have been reminded several times how important it is that we listen to the messages are bodies are sending us. I hear myself saying to people if we don’t listen to the messages then they will get more frequent and stronger in order to demand our attention. If we continue to ignore the warnings our bodies are sending then eventually we will be stopped by symptoms that just cannot be put to one side.

Why do we ignore what our bodies are telling us? Why do we continue to do the things that we know are not good for us? Why do we take the pain killers, the alcohol, the cure alls, instead of working out why we are suffering and what we need to change to ease that pain, be it physical or emotional? Why are we not listening to our inner guidance?

These are not questions that can be answered in a few moments, but we do need to begin to address these fundamental issues if we are going to be able to be healthier. Let’s not keep ignoring what our body is so desperate to tell us.

Bye for now
Brenda x

Tuesday 23 September 2014

We were thinking about change....

Hi everyone

We were thinking about change in the last blog and I would like to share a few more thoughts and ideas around the same theme this week. Change is definitely in the air as I write, it is chilly this morning and autumn is on its way.

The problem with major life change is that it creates a lot of things that we don’t know about and the not knowing is scary, this is what makes us anxious about change I think. Our brains also don’t like loss and change can mean the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of our home or relationship, all very difficult to understand and take on board. We really don’t like things we don’t understand and change brings many things that we find it difficult to get a handle on.

Change is inevitable so how best to cope? Some very good advice is to look at change as a positive thing rather than a negative, allow ourselves to feel the stress but don’t stay with that feeling, don’t dwell. Don’t fight the change. Try to see the change as a lesson, an opportunity and remember that everything passes.

Finding a healthy way to deal with our feelings helps a lot. Exercise, physical activity, yoga and meditation can all help us to feel better in ourselves and help us see the change in a more positive frame of mind. Self reflection time allows us to take a step back and see the possibilities the change can offer, perhaps self growth, increased self awareness or being more able to work in line with our purpose on the planet.

Scary at first, changes in life can’t be avoided so let’s try to embrace them and find the positive. If we find that we are stuck in a difficult place and the changes are just too overwhelming then have a word with a homeopath. Homeopathy is very good when we become bogged down with emotion and can’t find a way forward. Don’t let change get you down.
Bye for now
Brenda x

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Approach of autumn...

Hi everyone

There are leaves on the paths in the park and there is a distinct chill in the air. Everything points to change for us all with the approach of autumn.

The children have gone back to school and families are adjusting to the new school term. Students will be on their way to college and university soon may be leaving an empty nest but certainly a big space in family life. Change for everyone involved.

We all face change at some point in our life and how we deal with that change can be very important for our health. I recently read a book by Dr Spencer Johnson called ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ subtitled ‘An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in your Work and in your Life’. It only took about an hour to read but within the story there are very helpful and useful ideas and tips on how to approach and manage change.

Inability to adapt to change can cause health problems. If you feel you need some help adapting to a new situation then don’t leave it too long before you look for advice.

Check out next my blog next week where I will be putting together a few ideas of how to deal with change. For homeopathic help if you feel stuck give me a call 07967 276336.
Bye for now
Brenda x

Friday 4 July 2014

Our bodies are truly amazing...

Hi everyone

Our bodies are truly amazing but it isn’t until they stop working, as well as we would like, that we take any time to notice how things are. Helen, a fitness instructor that I have known for many years, reminded me of this on Monday. As Helen says our bodies are the most amazing things that we will ever own and we need to pay them more attention.

Relaxation is a good time to tune in to what our body is saying and if we do this regularly we will get to hear the messages we need to hear and be able to respond. Oh no I hear you cry; I haven’t time to spend relaxing that’s the last thing on my list! Well if you don’t spend some time listening to your body it will just have to send you louder and louder messages and eventually you will have to pay attention because things have become so bad that you can’t function as you would wish. Then there will be more to be done to fix things.

Let’s not get to the point where we have to stop because we have missed all the clues. How about scheduling in a 20 minute relaxation session once a week, actually put it in your diary and make sure you take the time to nurture yourself.

The thing is this, if we are well then we can take care of all the things we need to but if we are under par things become a struggle and take us twice as long. We could have spent the time relaxing and listening and prevented the struggle being necessary, relaxation is time well spent.
Bye for now
Brenda x

Thursday 12 June 2014

Homeopathy - Feel good inside and out...

Homeopathy - Feel good inside and out

 Homeopathy Awareness Week

14th-21st June 2014

Did you know that skin is the largest organ in the body covering about two square metres in total? Skin plays a vital role in our overall well being, it not only protects us, keeps us warm, helps us to cool down and allows us to interact with the world, but it also shows how healthy we are on the inside.
Homeopathy is a complementary therapy that can be used to help with minor skin ailments for all the family.
Homeopathy Awareness Week, from June 14-21, will this year focus on this popular area and how homeopathy may play a part.
Working as a homeopath I find there is a great interest in holistic healthcare and skin complaints are one of if not the most common problems that patients seek homeopathic consultations for.1

”Homeopathic philosophy approaches skin disorders in a holistic way, not just looking at the skin symptoms in isolation. As a professional homeopath I will not necessarily prescribe topical creams or even homeopathic medicines directed towards skin conditions alone but instead I will spend a great deal of time exploring all aspects of an individual looking at how the body is functioning as a whole, including the impact of physical and emotional stress on the skin. Prescriptions are tailored to each individual patient according to their specific symptoms."

I saw all sorts of skin complaints in my time as a pharmacist and this is also the case since I have become a homeopath. Skin conditions from acne, boils, eczema, psoriasis, urticaria, can be very unpleasant and difficult for people to cope with. I myself have struggled with skin complaints for a number of years and I find that homeopathy has offered me relief and help.

If you would like to talk about your particular condition please give me a ring for a free 15 minute chat where we see how homeopathy could help you.

Telephone number 07967 276 336.
B x
1.      Thompson, EA, et al., 2008, Homeopathy, 97(3):114-121; Witt, C, et al., 2008, BMC Public Health, 17(8):413; British Homeopathic Association